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Brian Rizzi is a Connecticut-based percussionist/drummer and teacher who has been playing drums for decades. He earned his Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music where he studied with top musicians in the field of world percussion, such as Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon), Ernesto Diaz (Gloria Estefan), Mikael Ringquist and Joe Galeota.


He then went to the village of Kopeyia in Ghana, West Africa to study drumming, dancing and singing with master drummer Godwin Agbeli and family. Brian is now the student of Nani Agbeli who has relocated to America from Ghana.


Brian also holds a Master's degree in Music Education and is a Connecticut-certified music teacher. He has been teaching drumming and music for over 20 years and has taught thousands of students.

Brian has been in numerous bands and appears on countless recordings. Currently, Rizzi is the drummer for CT rock band The Last Hoorah which performs shows nearly every weekend. 

Brian Rizzi playing Kagan

Playing the Kagan. 

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